Why So Many People Find It Difficult To Stay Thin

If you would ask some people what would their new year’s resolution will be, it is to lose weight or to maintain. The problem is that it is easier said than done. Add to that, it would be harder for some people than the others, and it is definitely frustrating for some. Because of that, people tend to try a lot of ways just to stay thin that at times it is not really healthy. The question is, why does it seem hard for some people? Here are the answers, and it might help some to find their ways.

1. Lifestyle

Many times people would joke that they will start their diet the next day or that it is their cheat day which they always say. It might be a joke for some, but it is also a sign that some people just could not let go of their habits and lifestyle. Because of that, it is hard for them to stay thin and would gain weight even without noticing. Add to that is lack of exercise. Some jobs would require people to sit down for hours and when they got home, they are too tired to do some exercise. There are also some that are too lazy to do it. So, it is important for people to make changes and make sure to do it and be used to it.

2. Genetics

There are people that easily get thin or seem to not gain weight even if they eat a lot. There are also some people who, despite efforts, hard to lose weight. The reason for this is the genes. As some would have diseases that are passed on genetically, it is also the same for losing weight. Some would burn calories much faster than others while some will not. For this matter, some would require more effort to change their lifestyle and the way they eat.

3. Age

Age is also a big factor. As people grow older, it is much harder to lose weight, and that is because our metabolism is not the same as we were younger. It is also the same with body shapes. As people get older, the body shape also changes which will affect how one will hold fat. That is why it is important to watch out what we eat. It does not only affect our weight but also our physical health overall. Keep in mind that as we get older, we are more prone and at risk of diseases such as hypertension and heart attack.

Doing It in the Right Way

It is never wrong to watch out for your weight. In fact, it is encouraged because obesity is not a jest, and some people struggle with it. But for the reasons mentioned above that lead people in doing it in the wrong way. Some will go on a much unhealthier route that would lead to eating disorders and others. Because of that, it is important to remind why we need to do it. It is not about the appearance but for our overall health. Because of that, it does not matter how fast but doing our parts right.

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