8 Reasons SOY is a NINJA “SUPER”Food

The following is an argument for and against soy. I argue that soy, although horribly bad for you, is a Ninja-Super Food. Please read, share, like, and comment how you think Soy has ninjaed its way into America!

8 Reasons SOY is a NINJA “SUPER” food:

1.) How does one little bean that does SO MUCH DAMAGE in the human body go from being a $300 million industry in the 90s to over $10 billion today?

2.) SOY is so hypnotically convincing that over a quarter of all infant formula sold is made with it, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration promotes it in foods to reduce the risk of heart disease. Do scientists in the USDA for some reason stop understanding physiology when studying SOY? Maybe it’s all the estrogen…

3.) The Chinese worshipped the SOYbean with the name “the yellow jewel”, so much that they indirectly convinced America that they were actually eating it! SOY is so sneaky, that it is snuck itself in over 60% of the food in grocery stores. Ninjas, SOY, Chinese, I see a correlation…

4.) SOY has insane defense mechanisms: Protease Inhibitors, Lectins, Phytates, Oxalates, and Oligosaccharides. No wonder the Chinese worship this Powerful Food, eating it causes digestive issues, inhibits development, blocks mineral/nutrient absorption, produces gas, disrupts endocrine function, etc…If SOY was a person it could take on an army of people with so many ways to protect itself against predators (i.e. You)

5.) The main part of the body SOY naturally and innately negatively affects is the thyroid, arguably one of the most important parts of the body, controlling all metabolic function. Phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) are anti-thyroid as is any estrogen-promoting substance. SOY somehow knows HOW to lower our metabolism, preventing us from thinking optimally, causing humans to consume more SOY. Smart SOY, real smart.

6.) Like if it wasn’t resilient enough, SOY decided that over 90% of it should be genetically altered. The amount of pesticides, herbicides, ninjacides, etc…were too toxic for SOY, are you kidding me??

7.) SOY wiggled its way into the milk industry. Somehow, without nipples, it transformed itself into milk, with the help of chemically-fueled manufacturing processes, of course. I’m starting to think SOY had a hand in the decision to feed ruminant (grass-eating animals) cows corn and grains. But, you didn’t hear that from me…

8.) SOY Bacon. SOY BACON! Why? Well played soy, soy…

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