30 Life Lessons To Share With My Daughter

fwfl_30 life lessons

How crazy awesome to think of how many hours you’ve been alive for, as well as how many of those hours were you happy, kind, healthy, loving, or compassionate? For some perspective: I’ve been alive for: 30 years OR 10,957 days OR 262,968 HOURS My daughter Sienna has been alive for: 4 months OR 129 […]

6 Key Checkpoints for the Perfect Push-up


Why are push-ups a good exercise? The act of “pushing” is one of the most primal of movements. After crawling, as infants we begin to use our upper body movements to push and squirm our way to our feet (kinda like a mini-burpee). With the push-up, not only are we constantly supporting our bodyweight, but […]

Alcohol: Fat Loss Enemy or Friend?


If you glanced at the title of this article, you might have cringed at the thought of even potentially giving up your alcohol. Thoughts of social suicide and/or constant restriction may arise in your mind. This article is not going to say no or yes with a black and white mentality, I’m going to stay […]

6 Imperatives for Optimal Health Through Nutrition

6 Imperatives for Optimal Health Through Nutrition The first imperative is to be aware – aware of your body, your food, and who you are. The second imperative is to be consistent in an inconsistent way – consistent with your food choices, inconsistent with your food combinations. The third imperative is to be educated – so you know why you should […]

5 Food Combinations That Mimic A Workout

5 Food Combinations That Mimic A Workout Disclaimer: The title and following content may suggest eating can increase metabolism similar to a workout, but ONLY eating good quality food does not substitute a GREAT metabolic workout. You hear a lot of talk about exercising boosting your metabolism. After an awesome total body workout, yes, theoretically […]

Thai Chicken Red Curry Soup

breakfastproteins_niman ranch_bacon
breakfastproteins_niman ranch_bacon

This recipe was a spin-off of my green curry recipe almost a year ago. This one, like my cooking ability was improved and tasty (not sure how my cooking ability is tasty, but let’s go with it). I WANTED to add bamboo shoots, but my local Sprouts doesn’t carry them anymore, so I am on […]

Coconut Flour Orange Berry Muffins

I am usually a man of few words, so all I will say is citrus and berry combinations go SO well together! I think you will agree… Makes: 12 muffins Total Time: 25 minutes EATgredients: Dry ½ cup coconut flour ¼ cup tapioca flour** ½ tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. salt Wet 3 eggs 4 […]