3 Reasons to Eat MORE Chocolate (You’re Welcome)


  Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients and minerals that positively affect your health AND can assist you in dropping a few pounds. It breaks my super healthy heart when women reveal there “dark chocolate” secrets about why they “think” they aren’t losing weight. It generally goes something like this: Me: “What’s going on, are […]

12.5 (Healthy) Fat Loss Tips for Women

fwfl_blog_12 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for REAL Women

  If you’ve ever tried to lose fat (and who hasn’t) you KNOW how frustrating and/or difficult it can be. As a health and nutrition professional, every year it gets harder to keep track of all of the diets, products, and supplements all promising fat loss and weight loss results. Eventually, I stopped keeping track, […]

Baked Orange Chicken Drumsticks

fwfl_recipe_Baked Orange Chicken Drumsticks2

Organic chicken can let a little pricey, but if you are a savvy healthy shopper like myself you investigate to find the best values cuts of meats. Same goes for grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, and organic eggs. It just so happens that chicken drumsticks are generally very affordable at $2.99 – $4.99 per pound. The […]

Thyme-Roasted Fennel & Carrots

thyme-roasted fennel and carrots_FWFL

Roasting by far is my favorite method for cooking vegetables.  That caramelized exterior that you get from roasting just cannot be beat!  There’s a few rules to abide by when roasting your favorite veggies — depending on the veggie, the total cook time could vary.  I like to pair similar vegetables together so that they […]

Beef Kelp Noodle Bowl

beef kelp noodle bowl

I really enjoy making stir fries.  They’re a great way to use up random meats and veggies you have leftover.  Not only that — but they make for an extremely quick dinner!!  On occasion, I like to spoon my stir fries over white rice…but if I’m looking for an option that is a little lower […]

Paleo-Friendly Beef Jerky (10 Brands)

fwfl_blog_paleo grass fed beef brands

How about some beef jerky with that piece of fruit? Unfortunately, when it comes to snacking very few women automatically think “beef jerky.” I think it was back in the Macho Man days of “Snap into a Slim Jim” that beef jerky was marketed strictly to men. With the rise of the Paleo and Primal […]

21-Minute Workout with Dani


Join Healthy Fat Loss Coach and Dani with a 21-Minute Total Body Workout. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a place to sweat (anywhere!). Click the video below, enlarge screen and get your sweat on!

Butternut Squash & Apple Hash

Butternut Squash & Apple Hash_FWFL

One of my favorite things to enjoy for breakfast is a good hash.  I love being able to use up leftovers, or random bits I still have in the fridge to create a noteworthy and nutrient-dense breakfast.  Using leftover veggies is the way to go because that means your hash will cook up quickly — […]